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By Graham White

Six prime Australian-born, foreign enterprise figures talk about the influence of globalization and know-how on Australian company during this exam of the way forward for enterprise in Australia. The individuals are Rupert Murdoch, president and CEO of stories company; Jacques Nasser, former CEO of Ford Motor corporation around the globe; Geoff Bible, president and CEO of the Philip Morris staff; Leigh Clifford, CEO of Rio Tinto PLC; Rod Eddington, CEO of British airlines; and Professor Lord might of Oxford, president of the Royal Society and previous leader clinical consultant to British leading Minister Tony Blair. mentioned are Australia's funding competitiveness, executive management, taxation coverage, social attitudes and associations, the Australian paintings ethic, and office kinfolk.

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These factors can include formal structures — like the availability of research funding at various stages of the process — but also informal influences like a national propensity for entrepreneurialism and risk taking. Even the attitudes of the popular press can play a part. When it comes to creating commercially exploitable sciencebased products, there are three distinct phases. The first stage is pure scientific research. This is research undertaken primarily for its own sake; to further understanding.

Which probably explains why Attenborough is an acclaimed TV presenter, but Robert May is possibly the world’s most acclaimed scientist. It is also why Lord May’s views are so valuable to this project: they are based on a level of detailed research and objectivity which few people in Australia could hope to replicate. 2020_text_3/3/03 6/5/03 1:09 PM Page 45 >INTERVIEW Creating a successful science base I must begin with a qualification: I left Australia in 1972 and spent sixteen years at Princeton in the US and then fourteen years here in Britain and although I’ve been back to Australia almost every year since 1980, I don’t feel familiar enough with what is happening there to comment on that.

2020_text_3/3/03 6/5/03 1:09 PM Page 41 CHAPTER FOUR Robert May The environment in which you find Lord May of Oxford AC, Kt is so thoroughly British that it comes as a pleasant surprise that he introduces himself as Bob. He is a professor at Oxford but is also President of the Royal Society, the oldest and probably most famous scientific society in the world, and it is in the society’s offices in St James, London, that he offers to meet. It is a building that is steeped in history, with a wide forecourt designed for a time when dignitaries arrived by horse and carriage (it was once the German Embassy but confiscated in World War I and presented to the Royal Society) and a foyer that houses a gold mace presented to the society in 1660 by King Charles II.

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