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By Jules Verne

Jules Verne's vintage technological know-how fiction story sends Professor Von Hardwigg, his nephew Harry, and their advisor Hans via a crater in Iceland and into the earth. because the workforce explores what's lower than the outer crust, they come across many unusual and beautiful points of interest. Their travels from Iceland to Italy discover a misplaced international, striking creatures, and hazardous adventures less than us. sign up for the trek within the Calico Illustrated Classics edition of Verne's A trip to the heart of the Earth.

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Then a mouthful of water cooled my dry lips and my parched throat. It was only one mouthful, but I felt as if it brought me back to life. I clasped my uncle’s hands in thanks. “One mouthful,” he said. “It is the very last! I took care of it at the bottom of my bottle, resisting over and over to drink it. ” My uncle said, “I knew that you would fall down half dead when we reached this crossroads. ” “Thanks from my heart,” I cried. My strength partially recovered, I was able to speak. “Well, there is no doubt now that with our water utterly gone, our journey is at an end.

Were they asleep or dead? I thought about my uncle’s last words. It was madness to think that we would ever again see the light of day. We lay for hours. In my stupor, something roused me. It was a slight, but peculiar noise. I noticed that the tunnel was becoming dark. Hans was walking away from us, carrying his lamp. I found my weak voice and cried out, “Hans is leaving us! ” My words were too soft to be heard. I was ashamed at my suspicions of a man who had always behaved admirably. Hans was going 46 lower into the tunnel, not up.

My uncle said I was wrong. ” I asked. The professor’s calculations were indeed correct. Yet, the temperature in this place was only fi fty-four degrees when it should have been 178 degrees. It was a curious matter that I could not understand. 30 6 Deeper Into the Earth We resumed our journey at six o’clock in the morning the next day. It was Tuesday, July second. We continued to follow the natural pathway made of lava. I was surprised and glad that it was as easy a walk down as if we were going down stairs in an old German house.

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