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By Selen B. Morkoç

It truly is broadly permitted that files on Ottoman architects are infrequent and that little is understood concerning the architectural perform within the Ottoman global. a bunch of texts that experience seemed among 16th and eighteenth centuries, although, shape an exception to this common assumption. whereas those texts were mentioned and observed in varied past experiences on Ottoman structure, they've got now not been the subject of an enormous interpretative strategy prior to. A research of Ottoman Narratives on structure: textual content, Context and Hermeneutics is the 1st interpretive and comparative study monograph to add those texts as its major subject matter. this is often the 1st translation of those works that contextualizes and translates their value in English.

The first textual content is a bunch of 5 files that date again to the 16th century. They contain memoirs and development lists written in prose and verse which belonged to sought after Ottoman architect Sinan. the second one textual content used to be written less than the impact of the 1st workforce of records and is in the same structure. It contains a memoir devoted to Sedefkar Mehmed Aga, who labored because the leader imperial architect within the 17th century, and in addition offers info on architectural phrases and makes comparisons among structure and tune. The 3rd textual content isn't the same as the 1st : it's a monograph in regards to the Selimiye Mosque written in prose within the eighteenth century by way of Dayezade Mustafa, who used to be an entire outsider to structure. whereas the 3 texts have particularly diversified old and thematic contexts their element in universal is their rendering of structure via narratives. From a hermeneutical point of view, the ebook compares narratives of the texts with modern historiography on Ottoman structure.

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They start with an introduction to the poet, with different details according to the prominence of the person in literature, and then they give selected examples of poems. There are around 30 tezkeres surviving from Ottoman literature, the earliest of which is SehT Bey's Hest Behist (Eight Heavens), Biographical texts on Sinan can be included in the tezkere genre as their names suggest, but they depart from earlier tezkeres of the poets in their length and purpose. 34 Therefore, they are valuable sources on the training, performance and status of Sinan as well as on how his architecture was received and understood by his contemporaries.

49 Sai Mustafa Celebi, Yapilar Kitabi: Tezkiretii 7- Biinyan ve Tezkiretu 7- Bbniye (Uimar Sinan 'in Amlan), [Architect Sinan's Memoirs], ed. Hayati Develi Samih Rifat, Ami Karamani Pekin (Istanbul: Koc Kiiltiir Sanat, 2002). 44 In this book, this latest translation is referred to for information, description and quotations from the texts. Sai Mustafa Celebi, Sinan's Autobiographies: A Critical Edition of Five SixteenthCentury Texts. 45 Crane maintains that Sai's life and work are mentioned in three contemporary biographical dictionaries - Giilsen-i §u 'ara (Rose Garden of the Poets), Tezkiretii 's-$u 'ara (Biographical Dictionary of the Poets) and Ziibdetii 'l-Es 'or (Quintessence of the Poets).

After many short wars (Ghaza) against the Christians, the Ottomans gradually conquered the Byzantine territories in Anatolia and the Balkans. Between 1362 and 1453, the Ottomans invaded the Byzantine cities of Adrianople (Edirne) and Constantinople (Istanbul), which successively became the Ottoman capitals. The conquest of Constantinople in 1453, together with Ottoman domination over other Turkish dynasties in Anatolia, proclaimed the emergence of the Ottoman Empire as a centralised state in its most systematic and radical form.

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