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By Albert Marrin

John Brown is a guy of many legacies, from hero, freedom fighter, and martyr, to liar, enthusiast, and "the father of yank terrorism." a few have acknowledged that it was once his seizure of the arsenal at Harper's Ferry that rendered the Civil struggle inevitable.

Deeply spiritual, Brown believed that God had selected him to correct the inaccurate of slavery. He was once prepared to kill and die for anything smooth american citizens unanimously agree used to be a simply reason. And but he used to be a spiritual enthusiast and a staunch believer in "righteous violence," an unapologetic committer of family terrorism. Marrin brings 19th-century concerns into the trendy area conveniently and style in a e-book that's bound to spark dialogue.

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Do you know who lost it? No. Fine, but you must follow the Golden Rule: treat others as you would want them to treat you. When you go to school tomorrow, try to find the owner. ” Lying was a mortal sin, a threat to the soul. When son Jason admitted to making up a story about a tame raccoon, his father would hear no excuse, even from a small boy. Jason never forgot his punishment. As an old man, he told how “Father stripped off my trousers—no one wore drawers in those days. He took both my hands in his and held me up in the air and thrashed me.

That changed with the invention of machines driven by waterwheels and steam engines. By gathering machines at central points, called factories, manufacturers increased production while lowering prices. Gradually, the Industrial Revolution spread across the Atlantic Ocean. Steamboats and railroads began to carry passengers and cargo. In 1837, an American, Samuel F. B. Morse, invented the telegraph, a device for sending messages by means of wires and electric current. A replica of the Clermont, or North River Steamboat, the first commercially successful steamboat.

He had a sense of humor, too, but showed it in an odd way. “When he laughed,” said an old friend, “he made not the slightest sound, not even a whisper or an intake of breath; but he shook all over and laughed violently. ”30 Brown’s family lived with both his harsh and his tender sides. Like an old-time Puritan, he focused their daily life on worship and work. Worship came first. Brown served as household minister and moral guide. Every morning before breakfast, he led the family in Bible reading, prayer, and hymn singing.

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