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Written through a number one professional on Aspirin-related study, this can be the 1st accomplished treaty of the heritage, pharmacological results and medical functions of 1 of the main winning medicines ever.The textual content is written with a large viewers in brain and to be simply comprehensible for clinicians in addition to biomedical researchers and pharmacologists alike. The content material is brand new and contains the newest result of scientific and educational learn, with a balanced view at the disputed homes of this well-known drug.

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The Future has Just Begun, Bayer AG. 9 Ebstein, W. and M€ uller, J. (1875) Weitere Mittheilungen € ber die Behandlung des Diabetes mellitus mit u € ber die Anwendung Carbols€aure nebst Bemerkungen u von Salicyls€aure bei dieser Krankheit. Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift, 12, 53–56. 10 Stricker, S. (1876) Über die Resultate der Behandlung der Polyarthritis rheumatica mit Salicyls€aure. Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift, 13, 1–2, 15–16, 99–103. 11 See, G. (1877) Études sur l’acide salicylique et les salicylates; traitement du rhumatisme aigu et chronique, de la goutte, et de diverses affections du systeme nerveux sensitif par les salicylates.

7 Chemical structures of selected salicylates. 2) and acetaminophen (paracetamol). Nevertheless, salicylate is still being used as an external medication, for example, in ointments because of its antiseptic and keratolytic properties. 1). Salicylate shows a peculiar physicochemical behavior because of the formation of a ring structure by hydrogen bridging. 8) but not with its m- and p-analogues. The o-position of the hydroxyl group facilitates the release of a proton with decreasing pH by increasing the mesomery of the resulting anion.

Transfer of this principle to the animal kingdom and men, eventually, might result in the design and development of new and even more effective class(es) of “aspirin-like” drugs. 1 The history of salicylates and acetylsalicylic acid. Date Event 400 BC–100 AD Hippocrates recommends bark and leaves of the willow tree (Salix alba) for medical use. This recommendation is later encyclopedized by Pliny and Dioscurides as popular medical knowledge of the time. 1763 Rev. ” 1826–1830 Brugnatelli and Fontana as well as Buchner identifiy salicin as the active antipyretic ingredient of the willow bark.

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