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By Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Anne McCaffrey

The homeworld Acorna hasn't ever recognized used to be horribly scarred within the brutal assault by means of the cold-blooded Khleevi, however the Linyaari -- the unicorn girl's mild, non secular race -- survive. now's the time for therapeutic and rebuilding, for restoring the normal attractiveness corrupted through the savage insectile oppressors. yet Acorna's Linyaari buddies and co-workers start mysteriously disappearing quickly after paintings will get less than means, between them her cherished Aari. And her determined look for solutions will lead brave Acorna to a surprising discovery underneath the outside of her people's global -- and deep into the nation-states of unlimited area, the place the reality of the starting place of every little thing awaits.

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Acorna's Search

The homeworld Acorna hasn't ever recognized was once horribly scarred within the brutal assault by means of the cold-blooded Khleevi, however the Linyaari -- the unicorn girl's light, religious race -- continue to exist. now could be the time for therapeutic and rebuilding, for restoring the normal good looks corrupted by means of the savage insectile oppressors.

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