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By Helen Boyd Higgins

The grownup accomplishments of this Founding Father, architect of the structure and primary Secretary of the Treasury, are mythical, and in this most modern delivering, young children meet the younger ''Alec'' growing to be up within the Caribbean as he goals of vacationing the land known as the USA. observed through his parrot, Hurry-Up, and his spouse, Poleon, Alec's tranquil days are jam-packed with the books he loves and visits to the waterfront to greet the huge ships arriving from Europe—until his uncle insists that Alec healthy driving classes into his agenda. kids will determine with Alec's fight to beat his fear of horses and cheer at his braveness as he narrowly escapes a violent typhoon whereas on horseback, all whereas conserving his eye at the prize—school in the USA. Featured sections and enjoyable proof clarify what occurred subsequent and when Alexander Hamilton lived, offering younger readers with a photograph of the leader's whole life.

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The three climbed into the carriage, making the seat very crowded. Alec sat in the middle. The horses started. Uncle Peter closed his eyes. Mr. Knox looked the other way. Alec felt miserable and didn’t know what to do or say. He wondered what Uncle Peter would do to him when they reached home. Would he take away his book? Would he be punished? He leaned closer to Mr. Knox. As he did so he felt something hard against his side. It must be his book. Alec sat up straight. Uncle Peter seemed to be asleep.

No, I’ll never need that strap again. I know that I can ride now. Christy and I understand each other,” said Alec. That same day Alec went to see his Uncle Peter in his office. “Uncle Peter,” he said, “I can ride now. ” Uncle Peter smiled and came around the desk to shake hands with his nephew. ” “They will, sir, I’m sure they will. I like them, Uncle Peter, and I think they like me. I know that I’ll make a lot of mistakes, but I will try and keep my temper. If I lose it, I’ll come and tell you at once.

Mr. Knox,” he whispered. ” Mr. Knox jumped. Then he smiled at Alec and put his hand down into his pocket. “I’ll take that package,” said Uncle Peter. “But Uncle Peter. It is mine. I—” “I’ll take that package, Mr. Knox,” Uncle Peter said sternly. “I’ll take it. ” “But I didn’t mean—” Mr. Knox handed the parcel to Uncle Peter. Alec’s eyes flashed. He clenched his hands. “That isn’t fair! It is my book. I worked for it. ” he said. ” Alec swallowed hard. ” Uncle Peter put the small package behind the seat.

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