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By José Manuel Aroca, Ragnar Buchweitz, Marc Giusti, Michel Merle (Editors)

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Elementary Euclidean geometry. An introduction

This ebook, first released in 2004, is a real advent to the geometry of strains and conics within the Euclidean airplane. traces and circles give you the start line, with the classical invariants of basic conics brought at an early degree, yielding a wide subdivision into varieties, a prelude to the congruence category.

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Math. de I ' I . H . E . S . , 44. Deligne, P. : ~D-R3 Deligne, P. et elliptiques, Notes Gabber, O. preprint, Lettre h D. K a z h d a n e t Rapoport, in Lecture Modular M. : : On t h e Tel-Aviv M. e t logy 19, (1980) Goresky, M. e t p. Lusztig, avril of the One V a r i a b l e 1979. de c o u r b e s II, Springer No 349. integrability University, MacPherson, G. L e s s c h 6 m a s de m o d u l e s Functions in Mathematics Goresky, tre. North N o v e m b r e 1980. : Deligne, des Q-modules, Kazhdan-Lusztig Deligne, P.

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