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By Judson Knight; Lawrence W Baker; Stacy A McConnell

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Aristotle’s tragedies were modeled after the work of Sophocles. Archive Photos. Reproduced by permission. As an Athenian aristocrat, Sophocles was also active in political affairs. C. and later as a general under Pericles (see entry). In 413 B . , after the defeat at Syracuse during the Peloponnesian War, he was appointed to a council of ten statesmen who provided advice on making an economic recovery from the defeat. reaction in Athens. ” Therefore he left. Aristotle moved to the city of Chalcis (KAL-suhs) on a nearby island.

But his brother died at a young age; therefore, Akhenaton became pharaoh when he was eighteen years old. A new religion In the year he became pharaoh, Akhenaton married the princess Nefertiti (neh-fehr-TEE-tee). It is possible he ruled jointly with his father for some time, a common practice in Egypt. For the first four years of his reign, Akhenaton ruled under the title Amenhotep IV. In the fifth year, however, he changed his name, which is sometimes cited as Akhenaten, Akhnaten, Akhnaton, or Ikhnaton.

They also established a fund to support the children of the poor. At the same time, they spent little on themselves, maintaining a dignified but simple life at the court. All these measures won the Romans’ hearty approval. Marcus would remain a popular emperor throughout his reign.

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