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By Susan Bivin Aller

In colonial Massachusetts, in basic terms males might be preachers. Anne Hutchinson angered church leaders by way of preaching approximately God in the course of conferences in her domestic. The church leaders positioned Anne on trial for her non secular teachings.

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She moves her family to Dutch lands in Pelham, New York. Anne and her children are killed by Native American warriors. 44 Age 14 Age 21 Age 43 Age 46 Age 52 I Remembering Anne n Boston, Massachusetts, a bronze statue of Anne Hutchinson with her young daughter (below) stands on the lawn in front of the State House. The Hutchinsons’ house at the corner of Washington and School streets burned down in 1711. In 1718, a brick building called the Old Corner Book Store was built on the same spot. In Portsmouth, Rhode Island, a plaque in the Anne M.

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