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By Louise Chipley Slavicek

Ladies Explorers chronicles the lives of six intrepid girls whose starvation for experience and data pressured them on paths of discovery around the globe. Their discoveries not just introduced shops of data on issues starting from historical dinosaur fossils to existence in Tibet, but additionally challenged the confirmed roles of girls of their fields. The daughter of a filthy rich planter, Alexander used her inheritance to fund examine for her passion--the usual sciences. quite a few dinosaur species were named in her honor, and her legacy maintains on the collage of California at Berkeley's museum of paleontology, for which Alexander supplied money and donated specimens.

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After examining the skeleton, Merriam concluded that it was a new species of ichthyosaur, which he named Shastasaurus alexandrae in Annie’s 35 36 ANNIE MONTAGUE ALEXANDER honor. ) Dr. ” 23 The following summer Annie sponsored a second collecting expedition to Shasta County. This time the mandatory second female was Edna Wemple, a paleontology student at Berkeley who would become one of Annie’s closest friends. Once again, Alexander demonstrated an almost uncanny knack for uncovering important specimens.

Whether Annie’s parents approved of her rather daring excursion is unknown, but there is no indication that they made any effort to prevent the trip. They may have figured that at age 31 Annie ought to be permitted to make her own decisions, even though she still lived under their roof. EXPEDITION TO CRATER LAKE In late May 1899, Annie and Martha set out on horseback for what turned out to be a 10-week, 600-mile-long trek. When the weather was unusually chilly or wet, they might ride to the nearest town and spend the night at an inn, but most nights the women slept under the stars, unrolling their blankets onto crude beds they had fashioned from pine or tamarack boughs.

Thus began what would turn out to be a five-decade-long relationship between Annie Montague Alexander and the University of California at Berkeley, a relationship that would prove exceptionally fruitful to both of them. 4 Hunting for Fossils and Big Game 32 ANNIE MONTAGUE ALEXANDER From the start, Annie Alexander was captivated by John Merriam’s lectures on paleontology, particularly by the professor’s accounts of his own fossil hunting expeditions in California and Oregon. ” Annie wrote happily to Martha Beckwith.

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